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First off, thanks for your continued bug reports and ideas that keep driving 
development here on Legend. Much appreciated!


* InnateReload works with all guns, not just bows
* InnateReload will no longer load from things like burkos or other non-
  ammo items in your aux slots
* Most appropriate TECH ammo has been updated to be wearable in the 
  AUX slots, *however* we cannot template these items so only newly 
  acquired ones will benefit from this change.

* Fixed messages on spell crits (a few times)

* Arcane Mastery: If you are not fighting, you are always benefiting from 
  arcane mastery, regardless of wielding a weapon or your autoattack 

* Mobs will know their skills the first time they load again (oops)

* Fixed crashes with Boil Blood and Raze Undead

* Calm no longer has play as a prerequisite.

* Prerequsites fixed for courage, valor and Iron Will

* Vials empty rather than vanish when the taint is gone. Taint still sucks in
  ways but it doesn't suck in that way any more.

* Columns better aligned in attributes

* Arcane Mastery requires CHANT

* Spell Bounce default percentage halved. The wrong number slipped in there.
  Spells should bounce less often.

* Weapon mastery to-hit bonus was being counted three times. Instead of 
  completely nullifying it, it gradually ramps up as your skills do. 
  The net affect of this is basically nill, but in certain situations, 
  some mobs may be slightly hard to hit reliably.

* Mobs that con above a level 50 are sometimes better in melee by default 
  than they were previously. Previously, builders had to set this explicitly. 

* Many spells have had their default casting lag reduced to 1 round 
  without Arcane Mastery. Arcane mastery now halves that time as well.

     Cure light, Weaken, Clumsiness, Idiocy, Strength, Epiphany, Bless
     Vengeance, Preserve, Idiocy, True Form, Vigor, Weaken Armor, 
     Weaken Protection

  (Please let me know if there are any others that used to be shorter and we'll

   consider adding them)

Area Updates:

- Fixed an incorrect rent amount on an item from Anasazi.
- Increased the difficulty of a few mobs in Anasazi, Alaska and Arabia.
- Altered the stats on a hat in Arabia

* Dual wield: There is no longer a restriction that the held weapon must be
equal to or less than the wielded weapon