Welcome Board Archive - 2/27/2018 Area Updates

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( 4) From: Mertjai       Title: 2/27/2018 Area Updates                   
                         Posted On: Wednesday, February 28 2018, 06:11AM
===== Area Updates =====
* Adjusted another weapon to be dual wieldable

* Added fix to bard to respond correctly to a certain name.
* Fixed a quest that was breaking when abandoned mid story.
* Fixed lotus-eater to return the failed brew, unless destroyed (can't return
  something that no longer exists!).
* Adjusted lotus-eater to never fail to brew black lotus.

* Repop made a bit longer for groups still progressing through
* Some changes to access quests

* Lowered health and damage on Morgens
* A piece of eq has had a material change and the rent lowered.

The Inferno:
* Coup de grace can now be learned here.

Heroic Gear:
* Added Hephaestus, a mob which repairs heroic gear up to four times for 
  3,750,000 experience and 100,000 gold coins per repair.
  * Hephaestus will not consider repairing anything for you if you have less
    then 28,750,000 experience points and 100,000 gold coins in the bank.
  * Hephaestus will not consider repairing anything for you if it is not
    falling apart.
Cap's patented hint: Hephaestus can only be found if you have a piece of heroic
gear. If you do not then you may find yourself succumbing to a deadly trap.