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( 4) From: Rufus         Title: 2/27/2018 Code Updates                   
                         Posted On: Wednesday, February 28 2018, 05:53AM
* BUG FIX: People with high enough perception to see through hidden exits 
  can now flee through hidden exits

* BUG FIX: You can only reconstitute powders.

* Ring of Fire / Cloak of Thorns

  These spells now last a few ticks, rather than 1 tick
* Brew and Powder should be more successful across the board with even 
  lower chance to destroy the herb
* The vast majority of beneficial spells (like strength, fly, etc) won't 
  be impeded by magic sink

  Standing regen now has 2 levels, the second available after a 4 additional 
  era levels (6 for standing regen, 4 for standing regen 2, for 10 total.)
  The second level allows Standing Regen to regenerate Mana as though one were 

Root is now better at gaining hit points and mana than meditate, but does 
benefit from Standing Regen/Standing Regen 2.  


Retreat has changed substantially.

1) The requirements are quite a bit more modest
2) The success rate is massively increased. It now operates 50% of the 
   time with additional bonuses for high dexterity and perception
3) It shouldn't fail if who you are fighting is incapacitated in some way
   (stunned, paralyzed, sleeping), and be easier if they're incapable of 
   moving (kneeling, prone, sitting, resting)
4) You can retreat when you're raging, however it is more difficult -- this one

   is in for a time and we will evaluate it based on how it goes. Please set 
   the expectation that this part may go away
5) If you fail a retreat, you incur 1 round of lag. If you succeed it's now 
   3 rounds (it used to be 2 in either case)


MONETIZE <object>

This has the following effects, if the object can be monetized:

1) The item will not rent
2) the item does not count toward your rent
3) The item cannot be used or worn until it passes through the hands of an 
   NPC vendor

* SHOP BROWSE ALL will show you all objects in all shops

* Mobs 21 levels or lower than you will no longer give you xp upon 
  killing them ("Trival mobs")

Coup de grace is a new passive skill that does the following:
  1) requires weapon mastery
  2) requires you be wielding and using a weapon
  3) Will kill trivial mobs (see above) in 1 hit, in most cases 
  4) Will have a chance to kill mobs if they reach the DYING stage
     by applying up to 500 points of damage in a single strike


We've swung twice and missed twice on bastion. Third time's a charm? This 
is intended to be a situational tank skill.

   1) Reduced the stat requirements
   2) Lasts for 3 ticks
   3) Instead of something you use while fighting, it puts a buff 
      on the user
   4) It gives you an approximately 50 hit point buff (level and 
      stat dependent)
   5) Applies a -10 ac bonus
   6) Costs 100 mv to use and reduces max move by 100
   7) Reduces HITROLL and DAMROLL each by 4
   8) When a mob would normally turn, it has a 60% chance of preventing 
      the mob from turning.   
   9) Using a single-target rescue while under bastion incurs only a 
      1/2 round of skill lag


A new command available to all: "inspect"

Inspect <object> will give you basic information about the object such as

its weight and it's rent, it's material type if it has one and it's AC 
value (including magical AC, if any). 

If you have the appraise skill, it will give you the maximum price a 
shopkeeper will buy it for. Expect to always get less than that amount, 

You no longer need to use offer and drop an item to determine it's 
rent and weight, nor do you need to play 'hide and seek' with objects 
that have the same material type.


The identify object spell has been updated to include the information in 
the inspect command as well as identifying many other properties of an item
such as whether an item is bondable, anti-evil, anti-neutral, etc.

The identify object will now give stats as numbers, including hp/mana/mv 
regen, mana reduction, mitigation, etc.

What it will not do (yet) is show you:

* Damage modifications (resistances/susceptibilities)
* Any affects such as RAGE or FLY that an object imparts

Douban might stock a new, low-rent scroll to help people out who might not 
be able to cast such a spell.

** NOTES ON THE ABOVE 2 items:

We will be expanding both the inspect command and the identify object
command as time allows.

Also, we will soon be introducing the concept of 'bind on loot' which 
means an object can be bound to you when you take it off of the corpse. 
The inspect command, used on an NPC corpse, will show you the stats of 
any BIND_ON_LOOT items in the corpse.