Welcome Board Archive - A Friendly Reminder(11-25-15)

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From: Lamia         Title: A Friendly Reminder                      
                         Posted On: Wednesday, November 25 2015, 08:13PM
We've recently received a number of requests for hints or tips concerning
various gear and quest aspects in-game. This is just a reminder that:

- Immortals are not allowed by code of conduct to reveal in-game information.
- Some EQ is impossible to get and will not be mundaned. This type of gear is
designed to be for NPCs only.
- Immortals cannot verify what equipment is unobtainable - that's for you to
- Some quests are meant to be more difficult than others. If you think it's a
bug, send a message over the bug channel or a mudmail to Lamia or Mertjai. If
it's a bug issue, we'll be more than glad to help. If it isn't, we won't give
you a hint towards the next objective.

-Lamia, Mertjai, & Staff