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From: Rufus         Title: A note on damage cap                     
                    Posted On: Sunday, August 26 2018, 08:33PM
The number you're seeing now is the damage cap. It's been the damage cap 
for about 21 years. At some point, around when SL2 was installed, I made 
it so that mobs could exceed that damage cap.

The damage cap applies for any given attack *line*. So if you swing 
11 times with a dagger, that set of attacks is capped at a maximum 
of 127 points of damage.

If you're dual wielding, that means you can potentially hit 254 points 
of damage (hint: it doesn't happen often).

For the most part, the damage cap applies to damage lines during 
combat and some (most) skills. The reality is, very few skills 
even come close to being limited.

As you might have noticed if you're either a rogue tester or have 
kept up on the discussion board, one of the rogue skills actually 
temporarily limits the damcap to 30. 

Things that are implemented to support this:

1) mobs can decrease or increase an opponent's damage cap
2) gear can increase or decrease the damage cap

3) skills can increase or decrease the damage cap

No builders have moved on 1 yet. We don't have a spec for #2 yet, so 
no one's built anything. And one skill shows in 3. 

It may or may not be hugely important in the future, but if all of a 
sudden you're fighting big bad boss #32 and you start hitting like a 
wimp... something to check.