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From: Mertjai       Title: A quick note about the archives          
                         Posted On: Tuesday, July 08 2014, 08:18PM
In November 2006 Sandra announced an archiving limit of 5 years that was to
begin April of 2007. This limit was due to the large number of characters in
archive - many of which appear to be abandoned.

Recently I applied this policy. Rest assured, there is a backup of the player
files that were moved from archive. This policy was able to free up
approximately 1500 names, while leaving well over 800 still in archive, and
not affecting active accounts with archived characters.

Should a previous player return to Legend and want to play their character
We can readily return the character to you, if the name has not been taken.
However a name change will be in order for the returning player if the name
has been used. We will retain all of these player files for this purpose.

If you are returning to Legend and are missing an archived character please
contact the immortal staff, or mudmail Mertjai for assistance.
Thank you,