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From: Rufus         Title: An update to agro                        
                    Posted On: Friday, January 04 2019, 10:23AM
Just a heads up... agro mobs will change soon.

From time immemorial, mobs have always picked the first character in the room. 
For practical purposes, and the way linked lists are most easily manipulated, 
this generally meant the last person to enter a room. 

In an upcoming update, this will change. 

When a mob decides it's time to agro on something, it's going to first 
check whether someone in the room is on its hate list (it's done this 
for a long time as well, too). 

If the mob doesn't find someone it should be attacking already, it will formulate 
a list of characters in the room who it could potentially attack based on things like 
whether or not it can see that character, etc. You can now be excluded from that list 
in a number of (super duper, secret, and ever-expanding) ways up to builders. 

So no more leaving a room and coming back in to take the agro from angry mobs 
that spawn. They'll just rather randomly choose a target.