Welcome Board Archive - Area/Help Updates 5/9/2020

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     From: Cap           Title: Area/Help Updates 5/9/2020               
                         Posted On: Friday, May 08 2020, 11:32PM
Note: this is a summary of all updates since the last major post on Mar 24th.
A good amount of these updates have been live for some time.

Morrigan's Maze
- mobs will no longer 'reset' your skill lag to be shorter than it is
- fixed the issue where players could not get back into their instance when
  they died. ASK MORRIGAN HELP if you are unsure
- charmies can use the portals
- douse and certain fight acts no longer causes the immortal team to 
  suffer through a ton of bug spam
- fixed two rather problematic crashing issues
- Morrigan understands gender better when lauding players on info
- fixed a problem where, 20-25% of the time, players would get stuck in 'Falling
  Into the Void'

Trans Quests
- the treasure map is now 50 rent, and can be bagged when you trans
- Redbeard will notice a bagged shovel and no longer scavenges.

- the carpenter is fixed and sells items
- the doctor can't be cheesed anymore

- fixed the Avalon timer when grouped
- fixed trans quest
- fixed drop rate on Gossamer gear

- mobs in Abilene hold their guns, except from Hickok, because that's how they
  were initially balanced.
- Osage warriors no longer reposition themselves when incapacitated
- mobs set waits on themselves after performing specials
- the jail won't lock itself off from players under certain circumstances

- Blacktiger's Memorial has been added to the Memorial Garden OOC.
- newbie maps are soulbound
- Phileas Fogg response fixed
- the level 50 innkeepers/shopkeepers in Tara are now immortal, Tika no longer 
  walks north for no reason
- a good portion of ammo went down in rent
- fixed a problem where certain Herodotus mobs would drop their EQ on the floor
  when killed from an adjacent room
- fixes to sniper teachers who wouldn't teach a player twogun
- Ragin will now bond the new version of Mjolnir to you, as he should.
- Grigori became an insomniac
- death shrouds are available from 4 more sources
- seeds added to various areas
- sage no longer has the KW lavender, and has new keywords added
- entering Niflheim sets your homeroom properly
- bonding fixed on Naraka items
- the Sherwood inn won't sell you two items and take two items cash when you try
  to buy just one

- lots of other tiny bug/typo fixes and behind the scenes happenings
- Nestor's been working on a brand new area as well as a new feature which will 
  benefit us all and support newbies coming into the game
Help files updates to: fast poultice, herbal attunement, augment, makeoil, 
poultice, gun, twogun, shoot, innate reload, field surgery, roll, unroll, 
heroic rescue, melee mitigations, mxp, meteor, and news board.

New helpfiles created for: bundle, farming, garden, harvest, plant, plow, till,
tradeskills, water, and weed.