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From: Cap           Title: Area Update 5/2/2020                     
                    Posted On: Monday, April 06 2020, 03:46AM
Mjolnir Update

This weapon was an outlier when I designed it, and through a sea of changes
has become less desirable (for most). However, some people do enjoy using 
Mjolnir; I will not be changing the existing weapon. You can still obtain it
via the same method as before. 

You now have the option to give that to Ragin for Mjolnir with the following 

___                                                                        ___
\  |----------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                                Mjolnir                               |__\
Crush weapon
Weight:       9kg
MaxDam:        16
Speed:   15
AC:            -5
Rent:        5073

+6 Constitution
-1 Spirit
+2 Damroll

  Lightning Bolt

o   Certain mobs will no longer flee and hide if you flee when they are 
    paralyzed, stunned, or otherwise incapacitated.
o   The jail will no longer lock itself off from players permanently if certain
    conditions are met.
o   A number of mobs are fairer when they perform novel fight specials

o   The inn will no longer sell you two items when you wanted one.