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From: Lamia         Title: Area Updates 04.08.2019                  
                    Posted On: Monday, April 08 2019, 09:30PM
* Beowulf.are
  * Fixes the dwarf at the forge so he doesn't just... hoard Skyblades in his inv.

* Weights on all objects in India have been updated to match the new weight format. 

* India is more populated now

* Pirate's Den:
  * East side changes
    * Some of the xp  is moved to the captain from the general 
      skeleton mobs.
    * The skeletons are still susceptible to blunt attacks, but not 
      quite as much
    * The flooding acts and deathtrap room are gone from the east side.
    * There is a new mob in the east side.
    * The following items have been adjusted and/or moved:  
       * The golden candelabra (it's now a dex-based con weapon that 
                                can only be used in the off hand)
       * Topaz Ring
       * Iron Ring
  * South Side
    * Blackbeard's spells aren't quite as effective
    * Blackbeard is no longer resistant to attacks, but has more hit points
    * He's a little more adept at fighting
  * West side
    * Jeweled sceptre is no longer a light that disappears when you
      try to refill it... it's been changed completely

  * Shadowlands 2:
    * The forlorn souls have undergone a pretty massive change. They are 
      no longer so brutal on spirit or draining mana from a single target, 
      but they will hit a bit harder and might be a bit more sturdy.
    * Carman won't teleport so quickly any more. She also doesn't appreciate
      you trying to flee away from her.
    * Dub doesn't hit as hard but he's a bit more durable.
    * The guardians' healing acts can no longer be bypassed by bringing 
      the smaller statues in the room. XP has been adjusted to reflect 
      this increase in difficulty.
    * Conall sees a bump in his xp.
    * Forlorn general is now aggressive and sees a bump in his xp.
    * Conn's affect isn't nearly as detrimental to your ability to do 
      damage and he's a little less durable, but he did gain some 
      warrior-like abilities.
    * Sleepers are more durable, worth more xp and can be attacked by 
      more attackers than previously
    * There is a substantial boost if you can arrive with the impure soul 
      still alive
    * Carman's crystal guardian sees a bump in xp and a small bump in