Welcome Board Archive - Area Updates 05.15.2019

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From: Lamia         Title: Area Updates 05.15.2019                  
                    Posted On: Tuesday, May 14 2019, 10:48PM
Area Updates (05.15.19): If you notice anything weird, please let Cap, Huma, Nestor, or Lamia know,
preferably via mudmail because dat paper trail, yo.

- Removed Christmas decorations & vendor
- Added 2 new NOTE types

Seven Heavens:
- The Celestial Arena should clear out properly, now
- More variety to the Celestial Arena rewards
- No more random corpses appearing with Kola (we didn't like the implication)

- Grumpy merchant Douban maybe shouldn't be so grumpy since we let
  him sell the best stuff (He's still grumpy, just is selling something new)
Pirates Den:
- Skeletons should wander Clickity-clack, there's no turning back.

- NPC adjustments/tweaks
- Other minor fixes

- Dahut should resume her party lifestyle more quickly than before

- You should be able to reaffirm without having to cry
- General additions for the aesthetic of the area

- Minor rent fixes re: spec concerns

- Lamia's boi Ashmedai had a slight adjustment
- Other minor fixes

Svart, Egypt, Carthage, Lima, Petrograd, & Carnival:
- Misc fixes/tweaks that you probably won't notice