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( 4) From: Nestor        Title: Area Updates 05/01/2018                  
                         Posted On: Tuesday, May 01 2018, 10:49AM
Abilene, Kansas

- Chief Bigheart no longer disappears long term!
- More skill teachers added
- the high-grade calfskin gloves have been altered and templated
- the rent on the Colt Navy Revolver has been lowered and has NOT been
- the Osage feathers quest has been fixed
- numerous other bug/typo fixes
- the cowboys on Texas Street have had their levels standardised

Ancient Sumer
- more questing added
- fixed headbutt teacher in Ur not teaching headbutt


- added a small quest to Celtic Ireland, re-inforced options of some
pre-existing EQ is now available.
- tweaked the Lotus-Eater to try and fix some odd behaviour

- Small but repeatable align quests added to Pittsburgh and Industrial London
- Laibon now has a ghost, much like Diancecht does
- numerous other behind the scenes fixes

Areas in Progress
- Cap started to work on a new area, exciting!
- Nestor also started to work on a new project. Both new projects are very
early stages atm.