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From: Cap           Title: Area Updates 10/15/18                    
Appends: 1          Posted On: Monday, October 15 2018, 11:27AM
Introducing Group XP Routes!
Herodotus now has challenges aimed at small groups. As a result you find
his keywords have altered slightly to accomodate additional functions:

- TELL HERODOTUS WHO no longer works, TELL HERODOTUS SOLO or GROUP to receive a 
report on the respective quest. 
- Currently ASK HERODOTUS REWARD no longer works, ask him SOLO or GROUP 
respectively, in the era you wish to be rewarded in.

Please note: you must have your group in the same room as Herodotus to 
start the group quest. You can be solo and ungrouped to claim your 
reward once you have completed the quest.

Other notes:
- HELP HERODOTUS has been updated
- players will receive credit for solo and group kills, even if a charmie lands
  the killing blow
- snipe/deadeye shots killing a mob in an adjacent room still give credit for
  group XP routes (assuming the group is in the same room as the shooter)
- players no longer have to wait for two minutes after logging in or going
  IC for their timer flag to update. Herodotus will always report how long
  you have to wait before you can do a quest again correctly

As you may appreciate, this addition to Herodotus was extremely complex to pull
off. In spite of every effort to mitigate against bugs I suspect that you may 
be able to find one or two. If you find anything at all contact me via mudmail
or discord. If you find anything game breaking (Herodotus rewarding endless XP,
or a crashing bug for example) please use the pray/bug channels to alert any 
immortals present immediately, and refrain from abusing the bug.

Other Area Updates

- the ten-legged bear shouldn't get permanently stuck in a location shrouded 
  in mystery
- it's claws have received a further update, they are now quite unusual but the
  reason why will not be immediately apparent without careful investigation

- the lotus eater will not run out of mana, will brew twice as many vials 
  before complaining about it, and take half as long to feel in the mood to 
  brew again.

Append 1 of 1 from Cap  on Sunday, October 21 2018, 04:17AM
RE: Cap            Title: Area Updates 10/15/18                    
There is a small bug when Herodotus assigns your group his quest.

If you do not get a list of mobs then ask him group/yes again until
he does assign you a list of mobs to kill. This does not cost you
anything is just a minor annoyance until the next update fixes the