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( 4) From: Cap           Title: Area Updates 4/11/2018                   
     Appends: 1          Posted On: Wednesday, April 11 2018, 05:06PM
- Cap's patented Cap-sules have been rained to celebrate the installation of
  Abilene, Kansas. Different colours apply different affects, consume at your
  own peril!

- The next installment of Ancient Sumer is now live.

- All newly acquired skyblades have updated stats.

- Another Maltese weapon is now useable with the dual wield skill.

- There is now a fully-functional human-sized cannon in the Carnival.
  Join Cannonball Bob to celebrate with a 'shot' or two.

- Small quest added to St Denis Abbey.

- New item/room/handbook locations added to the Royal Explorer quest.

- The brine ring and the black tortoise-scale wristband are no longer 
  'random load' items. Their stats remain identical.

- The cyclops quest behaves differently now and the dexterity quest
  won't take *quite* so long for those without the trapping skill.

A message from Charles Fey:

- Roll up and try your luck on a Liberty Bell slot machine today! You 
  can find one in The William Penn Hotel in Pittsburg and the other 
  in Rick Blaine's gambling room in Casablanca.

XP Routes:

- Mobs added to Herodotus' pool of selections.
- A version of Herodotus can now be found in each era simultaneously;
  players no longer have to wait for him to move to the era they wish 
  to be rewarded in. You can start his quest in one era and finish it
  in another without issue.
Heroic Gear:

- Hephaestus no longer charges gold to repair items, his experience cost 
  remains the same.
- The scarred feet are more durable and are now made out of BONE at the cost of
  a small rent increase and movement penalty.
    Adjusted stats: 1158 rent -20 move
- Heroic gear can no longer be set on fire.
- A new heroic item has been added to the game!

___                                                                        ___
\  |----------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                     a sharpened demonbone dagger                     |__\
Sting Weapon
Weight:       9kg
MaxDam:        10
AC:            -5
Rent:        3990

+6 Dexterity

  2x Flamestrike spells

  Can be dual wielded under current dual wielding restrictions!

Cap's patented hint:
  You must be familiar with the land of the demons to acquire such an item.

Appends: ( 1) From Cap on Thursday, April 12 2018, 01:42PM

( 4) Append 1 of 1 from Cap  on Thursday, April 12 2018, 01:42PM
     RE: Cap            Title: Area Updates 4/11/2018                   
Bonus from Japan:
- the tetsubo has had its stats tweaked and templated

Bug fixes:

- the trains to Abilene work properly now
- brines have stopped misbehaving
- McCoy and Hickok don't get stuck in an endless loop
- a bugged out (and highly exclusive) Cap-sule has been fixed and
  has been rained - only 5 are available
- the Buffalo herd will behave properly
- various other typo/fixes and backroom changes