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( 5) From: Cap           Title: Area Updates 6/18                        
                         Posted On: Sunday, June 17 2018, 11:09PM
Abilene, Kansas:
- Whois wording tweaked
- a pile of rotten slop no longer applies protection VS poison
- the herd of buffalo has been tweaked slightly

Herodotus Solo XP Routes:
- Herodotus checks if Svartalfheim is accessible before assigning Svart mobs
- Herodotus is more descriptive in some instances
- The list Herodotus pulls from has been tweaked a little

- The announcer will no longer announce baseball games on info. However, if you
  speak to him directly he will send you a tell when the next game is about to

St. Denis Abbey:
- the stone gargoyles provide a slightly greater challenge than previously

Heroic Gear:
- The demonbone dagger additionally grants 2 mitigation and costs 3728 rent.
- Achilles' bronze-headed spear now costs 3910 rent.
- Mjolnir now costs 5601 rent and has a -25 movement and mana penalty to bring 
  it into spec.
- two new statted items have been introduced in Carthage and Inferno.
- various typo, bug, and small tweaks have been made in numerous places.