Welcome Board Archive - Belated Area Updates (mid november-ish)

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From: Cap           Title: Belated Area Updates (mid november-ish)  
                    Posted On: Saturday, December 15 2018, 05:09PM
Introducing Community XP Routes

Community XP Routes are set weekly by Herodotus. They are the same for 
everybody. TELL HERODOTUS COMMUNITY will report who you have left to kill 
before the week is over in order to claim your reward. Assuming my calculations
are correct the mobs will reset on Mondays at 5am system time. Please note, 
as mobs are randomly selected the difficulty will vary week by week. The reward
for completion is much higher than the reward for solo or group XP routes.

This feature required a lot more original act code than group XP routes. As 
such, the potential for bugs/mistakes is much higher. Please diligently report 
any findings and do not abuse game breaking bugs!



Other area news:

- The Colt Navy revolver in Abilene received an upgrade and some mobs have had
  their risk/reward ratio tweaked.
- More ten-legged bear rewards are now available!