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From: Lamia         Title: Birthday 2019 Area Updates        
Appends: 1          Posted On: Thursday, February 14 2019, 10:48AM
Area Updates
+ Herbs Added to Vendors:
  - Anc: Dreamtime, Egypt, Greece, Rome
  - Med: Alhambra, Boston, Crusades, Malta, Romania, Silk Road,
    Val de Diavolo (also removes unlimited herb issue)
  - Ind: Egypt, Philippines
+ Herbs Added to NPC/Ground: Alaska, F&I War, Klein
+ Greek Fire Oil added to a vendor in Val de Diavolo
+ EQ Updates:
  - Bronze neck guard         (material/rent/hp/name; not templated)
  - Circlet of flame          (material/rent; templated)
  - Trident of Neizhan        (rent; templated)
  - The magical sword Tyrfing (rent; templated; OTQ)
  - Heavy ornate signet ring  (material/rent; templated)
  - Hand-held Harp            (stats/rent; templated)
+ Abilene
  - Adjusted Herbalist
  - Added GLOWING flag to a particular glowing item
  - Adjusted Hickok's acts
  - Some mobs have picked up a nasty tobacco habit
+ Herodotus
  - You shouldn't lose out on XP if you happen to be overrent when
    speaking with him
  - NPCs on various lists have been tweaked (added, removed, other
    minor issues)
  - Corpses won't mysteriously appear in the room if they're killed in
    an adjacent room
+ Philippines
  - Minor bug fixes
+ Ireland
  - Minor bug fixes
  - Quest added! Mayhaps a certain NPC has some clothing and mayhaps
    someone can help you improve it!
  - Change to Platinum Leaf, including a shift in SLOT
+ Alaska
  - Fix to bear claw necklace so it gives +hitroll instead of a
    laughable amount of +hp
+ Lamp Adjustments
  - We're working our way through files and updating some of the non-stat
    lights to be worn in the LIGHT slot, opposed to HELD|WAIST|ETC
  - Areas Updated: Picts, Tartarus, Sherwood, Klein, F&I War (not the peace
    pipe!), India, Greece, Japan, Abbey, London Port, Somme, Carnival,
    Frisco, Alaska, Agrabah, & Rome
+ Expansion in Medieval Japan!
  - Explore Nikko and the put an end nefarious forces at work!
+ Expansion in Svartalfheim!
  - Explore Niflheim, realm of the dead, and assist the gods!

Please read the attached append regarding updates/addition.

Append 1 of 1 from Lamia  on Thursday, February 14 2019, 10:52AM
RE: Lamia          Title: Birthday 2019 Area Updates        
Expansion Notes: Nothing is set in stone, as we all know very well, especially in regards to the
whats and hows of LegendMUD. You've been seeing new content at the fastest rate of the past decade, 
which is fantastic! This also means that there may have been some dynamic/gear oversights during 
testing. As it stands, we have two options: Our builders build away (I'm convinced they don't sleep) 
and we spend weeks/months testing and trying to find every single issue ||or|| we test for a shorter 
time, miss a few things, and have to fix them post-implementation.

We, as a staff, have decided that newer content faster is better for our community (plus, you guys
are REALLY good at finding issues/pointing out things that would have taken us ages). This means 
that the aforementioned dynamics/gear aren't set in stone and within the first 2 to 3 weeks you may 
see some gameplay features/items change completely. We ask for your patience regarding these 
changes, as, again, we feel getting you full areas is better than holding off because of a WRIST 
item or 'I can't get it to block X juuuuust right'.

I hope you enjoy the expansions and continue to thrive with the content that Nestor, Cap, Huma, and
Rufus have worked so very hard on.