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From: Lamia         Title: Birthday 2019 Code Updates        
Appends: 1          Posted On: Thursday, February 14 2019, 10:02AM
CODE CHANGES (Birthday Edition):

Boop social:
    * now you too can boop others' snoots

New Prompt Codes:

    - @co -> Concentration
    - @mi -> Mitigation
    - @mr -> mana reduction
    - @pa -> parry bonus
    - @ra -> ranged accuracy
    - @sc -> spell crit
    - @sd -> spell damroll


    * Concentration now affects surgery and first aid. 
    * For every 2 points of concentration, surgery improves by 1 point 
    * For every 5 points of concentration, first aid improves by 1 point
    * Items will eventually enter the game, but until then, hit up your 
      friendly local druid for a potion or two

Stat requirements:
    * The requirements for HEADBUTT, BASH, and KICK have been changed. 
    * The new requirement is a 33 in the primary stat (STR for BASH, 
      etc). There are no other requirements. 
    * This means that kick went from 30 to 33. But let's face it, 
      you weren't landing any kicks with 30 dex anyway. 
    * The success rate for the skills and their effects remain the same
    * Some of the teachers may still think that we have other 
      requirements for these skills. Report them if you find any 
      we missed and they will be sent to re-education camps in 
      newbie hell.
Death Penalty before Level 50:

    * Death at level 50 remains the same
    * Before level 50, you never lose xp
    * On death, you're given a timer that reduces your xp earned 
      for a duration based on level (between 1 and 45 minutes)
    * If you die again, the timer renews (it doesn't compound)
    * If you level while you have a death penalty timer, the timer 
      goes away even if there is time left

XP Transfer:

    * You can now transfer experience between the various types of 
      experience (between eras, from era to normal and normal to era)
    * Incurs a penalty (currently a 25% penalty) 

    * New command:
            xptransfer <from> <to> <amount>
            xptransfer <anc|med|ind|level> <anc|med|ind|level> #
    * Must transfer in denominations of 100 (transferring 10000 works,
      transferring 10025 does not)
    * If transferring from normal (level) xp, the total cannot drop 
      below 10,000,000

Append 1 of 1 from Lamia  on Thursday, February 14 2019, 12:04PM
RE: Lamia          Title: Birthday 2019 Code Updates        
Kick/Bash/Headbutt changes: They may show up on your skill list but, depending on the teacher, you
may be unable to actually learn them. There are adjustments for this incoming. Please be patient 
with us. :)