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( 3) From: Mertjai       Title: Birthday Changes!                        
     Appends: 1          Posted On: Tuesday, February 13 2018, 10:30PM
===== Code Updates =====
* Socials on clan channels!!

* Klein has access to advanced parry!

* Battle training for everyone!

All hometowns may learn battle training. It is exclusive of:

- Field Surgery
- Augment
- Arcane Mastery

* Melee Mitigation!

Melee mitigation reduces the amount of damage by 1% for every point. You can
see your value in the 'attributes' command.

Melee mitigation requires the battle training skill. If you do not have battle
training, you do not get mitigation bonuses from items or stats.

You now gain 1 default point (a percent) of melee mitigation for every 3 points
of con above 70. 

Melee mitigation items are going in soon. <worn as shield> and
<arm> slots may have up to 6 points of melee mitigation each and all
other slots may have up to 2.

* Ring of Fire, Shroud of Thorns!

- Ring of fire and Shroud of thorns can now both be cast on others. 
  The duration is short when cast on others and you must be grouped.

- Ring of fire and Shroud of thorns now stack.

- Ring of fire and shroud of thorns can now be renewed.

- Ring of fire and shroud of thorns now go off 90% of the time, regardless of
the protected person's mind.

- Ring of fire and Shroud of thorns both do a fixed amount of damage based on
the caster mind. It is tempered a bit by the protected person's level. The
amount of damage is roughly the average damage previously. 

* Shroud of Flame, Shield of Flame!

- Shroud of Flame and Shield of flame got significant upgrades.

* Bug Fixes
- Config with no arguments will not cause skill lag

===== Area Updates =====
King Solomon Mines:
- New area in Industrial focused at large groups of L50 characters
The Royal Explorer Society of London reports that its members have found a path
to the fabled mines of old.
Look for their encampment near the shores of Africa and Zanzibar!
Heroic Gear:
- typo fixed in the championship belt quest
- the merchants rifle will no longer appear for sale "sometimes"
Melee Mitigation equipment added to Dartmoor, Nazca, Arabia, and Carthage.
Bugs squished in San Francisco, Klein, and Beowulf.