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( 4) From: Rufus         Title: CODE/AREAS Update for Mar 8th            
     Appends: 1          Posted On: Wednesday, March 07 2018, 08:38PM
* Updated some XP values in SL to match similarly challenging mobs 
  in other areas

* Repair no longer requires forge all the time, only for repairing
* Cannot monetize NO DROP and HERB items.
* If you have summoning lag and something else would cause you to 
  get summoning lag again, it doesn't put a second, secret copy 
  of summoning lag on you and then lie to you when it wears off, but 
* When you use 'removeaffect' to attempt to remove something that has 
  a number of components (such as bastion), when it fails to remove it, 
  you don't get multiple lines.
* Bastion now has a wear-off message
* You can no longer recite monetized items

* Standing Regen 2

  o this ended up a little too powerful. We've backed it down by 
    25% (for people with chant) and it doesn't accumulate while 
    you are fighting. It's vastly superior to resting, still, just 
    not quite as good as sitting.


This is only the first volley and a short-term, minor and quick change 
to the way surgery skills work. We are still working toward a long-
term, more robust update.

First Aid
  o First Aid cost reduced to 3 mana/3 mv (originally 5/5)
  o If you use first aid mastery with no bandage, the cost is now 6/6
    (originally 10/10)
  o The minimum heal amount for first aid changes from 9 to 12, and the 
    maximum from 15 to 16.
  o SF/London continue to get their bonus for mind -- 1 point for 
    each 1o points of mind.

Field Surgery
  o The requirements for field surgery remain the same. However 
    bonuses to surgery are from mind and the higher of spirit or 
  o Cost of field surgery reduced to 8/8 from 10/10.
  o Base surgery increased from 31-45 to 34-46. it also uses a 
    different dice formula so the average is higher than the 
    min/max might lead you to believe.
  o Bonus based on high mind and spirit/perception is increased. For 
    each 5 points of mind and spirit/perception, you gain an additional 
    point of healing. That means at minimum requirements for surgery, 
    you will heal 54-66 points, and at 100 mind/100 (spirit or per-
    ception), you heal 74-86 per heal.

Appends: ( 1) From Huma on Friday, March 09 2018, 08:36AM

( 4) Append 1 of 1 from Huma  on Friday, March 09 2018, 08:36AM
     RE: Rufus          Title: CODE/AREAS Update for Mar 8th            

French Indian War
* Updated several mobs to higher levels, most mobs will now be between levels
  17-32 or level 50.

King Solomon's Mine
* Extends timer on keys and make Sheba's round-shaped gems unable to rent
* Other edits to various items to keep them in line with spec.

* Added a basic swordsmanship and basic fencing teacher.