Welcome Board Archive - Code/Areas update 9/11/2018

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From: Rufus         Title: Code/Areas update 9/11/2018              
                    Posted On: Tuesday, September 11 2018, 11:47AM
Code/Areas Update for 9/11


1) You will only lose the rogue skills when you log in. You'll have to 
hunt them down again. You will retain all of your other skills.

2) Thank you for your help and feedback. I consider the live test a 
success and may use similar in the future.

3) There will always be room for tweaks. I hope you continue to play 
and test these character types.

- Ireland
- Added teachers for: Hunt, Bash, Kick

- Lima
- Added teachers for: basic swordsmanship, basic arms training, 
Hunt, Gunplay

- Abilene
- Some mobs now have a recurring Amazon Prime subscription to 

- Added teachers for evasion, vanish, flashing blade, assail, precision
  strike, deadly precision and mark target to various rogue-ish type 
  mobs around the game. One for each skill. Happy hunting!

- Ys:
- Queen Malgven's arms have been shortened appropriately and she 
won't, as a general rule, smack you around once outside of her room.
Don't test her though. She's kinda angry about it.

- Alaska:
- 10-legged bear's random drops aren't very random any more. Or at 
all, really. Enjoy. And stuff got better. Because yay! Stuff!

- A number of items that were supposed to have Move regen now actually 
have move regen instead of just making builders think they added move 
regen when they didn't add move regen. Confused? So was the gear, 
originally. That's all been straightened out.


- Innate defense has a wear-off message