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From: Rufus         Title: Code & Area Updates 8/31                 
Appends: 2          Posted On: Friday, August 31 2018, 01:29PM
- Heroic items are significantly more durable across the board
- innate defense 'defense' command works for everyone, not just a 
  select, random people

Append 1 of 2 from Cap  on Friday, August 31 2018, 01:41PM
RE: Rufus          Title: Code & Area Updates 8/31                 
With recent exciting code updates it has become apparent that we need another
set of updates to existing EQ. This round focuses on the Ancient Era and future
updates will hit Medieval and Industrial. Each update achieves one or more of 
the following goals:

  1) add move regen equipment
  2) add runecaster equipment
  3) remove random stat EQ
  4) beef up existing encounters
The following areas have one updated, or new item added to them.

Anasazi America
Ancient Carthage
Ancient Eygpt
Ancient Greece
Roman Britain

Other Area Updates:

Heroic Gear
- The Legion of Merit now weighs 0.95kg, may your puny necks breath a sigh of 

- corrected a single digit which broke the delinquents
- fixed issues with the lesser known ending of the main quest

- Kraken's blind now correctly behaves in relation to the blindfighting skill

Append 2 of 2 from Cap  on Sunday, September 02 2018, 08:07AM
RE: Rufus          Title: Code & Area Updates 8/31                 
In the last item update a typo meant that a number of items are missing key
stats. Expect the new/updated items in the following areas to be fixed after
the next update:

Aztecs, Anasazi, Aztecs, Beowulf, Britain