Welcome Board Archive - Code & Help File Updates 04.08.2019

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From: Lamia         Title: Code & Help File Updates 04.08.2019      
                    Posted On: Monday, April 08 2019, 09:30PM
* Help file for faction added
* Help file for xptransfer added
* Help prompt codes updated
* Help vicious backstab updated
* Help field surgery updated
* Help first aid updated

* If you are currently an arcane master, you are 25% more likely to sneak a spell past sink and the
maximum chance of a sink going through is 90% instead of 75%.
* Mobs are no longer arcane masters, builders must specify this per mob.

* An arcane mage's sink (on the caster, not on other people) is more effective against weapon-cast
and other object-cast spells
* Poisoning weapons now leaves the original spell on the weapon intact. The poison now wears off
after a number of uses based on the poisoner's level. 
  - This currently *ONLY* applies to weapons, not ammo or anythingi
    else that can be poisoned.
* Evasion is no longer required for Mark Target

* Backstab damage has fewer swings in the range of damage it can do, and scales better with levels. 

* Damroll is properly applied for Backstab

* Backstab damage from low-maxdam weapons and high-maxdam weapons is the same if the quality of the
weapon is very high (a q5 6maxdam backstab will do the same damage as a q5 9max dam backstab). This 
is because backstab is really a skill that requires a weapon, and ess about the weapon and more 
about where to put said weapon. (hint: in the spine)

* The internal code for calculating rent has been changed to eliminate global variables (yay!). What
does this mean for you? Report it if you see anything wonky with rent (saving, cataloging, etc)

* Meditate mind requirement reduced to 52

* Fix for the last crash we so ungracefully endured