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From: Rufus         Title: Code Changes 3/2/2019                    
                    Posted On: Saturday, March 02 2019, 08:15AM
So as a header, I'd like to apologize for the rollout of some of these 
features. They weren't as baked as I'd hoped and I now know some 
additional areas that need to be tested between the main mud and a 
test/development before things go live. I'm sorry some of these things 
were as rough and unpolished as they were.

Bug fixes:


*  Xptransfer should no longer take your xp if you fail to give 
   it a proper destination

Death Penalty changes

*  No longer gain a ton of xp from fleeing when no-pre-50-death xp loss 
   is on (in fact, before 50, you shouldn't lose xp when you flee), or 
   in some instances, lose massive, massive amounts of xp
*  When you're under a death penalty, it won't lie to you about how 
   much exp you gain

* Triage should now cost mana and move.


* Many mobs now qualify and will use skills that they haven't 
  previously. We're keeping a close eye on this change because 
  we may have tipped the balance scale a bit too far.