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From: Rufus         Title: Code Changes 3/2/2019                    
                    Posted On: Saturday, March 02 2019, 09:38AM
 * Backs out the changes to mobs knowing skills. This went a bit 
    further than I'd anticipated. Some individual mobs may be altered 
    in the future, but the blanket 'all mobs know all skills they 
    qualify for' will be on the back burner pending some additional 
  * Spell damage: Meteor (and all spells really) weren't supposed to 
    be able to do more than half of something's maximum hit points. 
    This bug has been fixed, but it means a pretty significant change 
    as to what mobs you can just walk in and eliminate with a single 
    That being said, there are some additional changes to this and they
    apply to all spells:
    - if you higher level than the mob, you can do as much 
      damage as the spell will do
    - the mob must have at least a certain number of hit points 
      for the half-max-hit-points attenuator kicks in. Below this
      the mob will take full damage. This is to accomodate the 
      mobs we've intentionally designed to be trivial regardless 
      of their level.
  * merge and roll bandage have had their skill lag drastically  
    reduced (to like 0.5 seconds)

  * A weapon in a dual wield slot has a slightly lower chance of  
    its spell(s) going off.

  * Fixes the last crashing bug