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From: Rufus         Title: Code Changes 3/4/2019                    
                    Posted On: Monday, March 04 2019, 08:02AM
* Deadly precision won't break hide

* Case removed from the prereqs for Mark Target. It's supposed to be 
  prereq, but it went very long without being a prereq so we'll just 
  remove it for now.

* Fixes yet another spell (trueform this time) where you could get 
  infinite mana by casting it on an object that wasn't there.

* If you re-home and learn a different school of magic, the spells 
  of the other school won't show up in your spell list. If you ever 
  re-home and re-learn the old school, your spells are retained as 
  far as casting level goes.
* Tailor with some material types (leather, fur) fixed. 

* Protection from fire

   - This spell now costs 40 mana instead of 20
   - You no longer need to cast it twice to get the full effect
     (10 save heat, 40 fire resistance) 
   - The spell can be renewed
   - the spell should be able to be removed with removeaff

* Meteor damage fixed when mobs had very few hit points. Also it was 
  doing about 15-20% less damage than it should in certain situations. 
  That has been fixed.

* Mark Target: Mark target will now decrease rather than increase 
  AC. (oops)

* You can feint while blind if you have blindfighting. Also, the 
  messages for when you can't feint have been fixed as far as 
  appropriateness and typos.