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( 3) From: Rufus         Title: Code Changes with Last Patch             
                         Posted On: Friday, January 26 2018, 02:26PM
* Cure serious (including the cup in Romania) should work now
* Removed another instance where animate dead decided on its own 
  about how much mana it should maybe or maybe not charge
* Fixed bard and medic skills displaying correctly in the 
  skills and allskills displays
* Removed some ambiguous and confusing output from 'identify object'
* Arcane mastery now looks at the autoattack setting as well as the 
  autoattack configuration

* Some fundamental changes to the way summoning lag works:
  * You can still summon full-strength charmies while you are 
    under summoning lag but they will come in in a weakened state
  * You can never gain total domination over a creature summoned 
    while you're under summoning lag.

  * Summoning lag reduced to 8 minutes.

  * (note: there's a bug with summoning lag right now where 
     it may show a much longer time... working on it)