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From: Rufus         Title: Code Update 2018-08-16                   
                    Posted On: Thursday, August 16 2018, 08:05PM
* Many help updates including furious rage, critical hit, damcap, 
  melee mitigation, saving throws, slot machine, balance, field surgery,
  first aid, hide, sneak, rage, triage, cure critical
* The Rudh quest should be doable after a reaffirm without 
  imm intervention


We'll do the shorter notes first:

* There has been a lot of code refactoring which should ultimately have 
  no effect on anything, just mostly clean-up. But that indeed is where 
  bugs tend to creep in, so be on the look out for general weirdness.

* Skills/Allskills - if you use the 'verbose' here are the changes:
  * Many skills moved around to a proper sub-heading
  * You can do skills/allskills on a sub-heading:
      ex: allskills druid
    will give you allskills but only the druid section.
  * I unified the code for these so there were a lot of 
    behind-the-scenes changes. Watch for any funkiness.

* QUERY FULL -- 'query full <skill>' now gives you additional 
  information as to whether your hometown can learn it, what skills 
  might be prerequisites or will exclude a skill as well as let you 
  know the level and stat requirements

* Fixed a situation where con weapons weren't gaining the full effect 
  from weapon mastery

* Throw sees a number of changes:

  * The messages for throwing, being thrown at, etc should work 
    right now, though things that are being thrown that aren't weapons 
    might still need some work
  * The juggling ability has been completely rewritten. If you barely 
    qualify for the skill, you will have a 12% chance of catching 
    something thrown at you. If you max both dex and perception at 100,
    you will have a 60% chance. 
  * Increased damage on thrown weapons that takes into account both 
    the max damage of the weapons and the quality of the weapon. 
  * The hit formula for throw is completely rewritten. It now takes 
    into consideration higher perception for an increase to hit chance.

* Fletch qualifications have been greatly reduced

And Now for the bigger stuff:

Weight can now be in 100ths of Kg rather than 1Kg increments. From here 
on out, your items will automatically inherit the weight of the items 
as we change them in the database (with some rare, rare exceptions). 

Currently, the only area that has changed in terms of weights is our 
limbo area (one of our 'generic' areas). This means things like bandages 
have changed weight, but many items in game will not be changed 

Example: bandages are now 0.02kg. Bandage rolls are 0.75kg. 

Please note that we're not yet modeling the real world in terms of 
preservation of mass/energy. If you have a bandage roll that weights 
0.75kg and you unroll a bandage from it, you will now have 0.02kg more 
weight on you. 

Four things used to determine how fast a weapon would swing (how many 
swings you would get with any weapon):

  1) The weapon weight
  2) The weapon quality
  3) Your relevant stat (con/str/dex)
  4) Your proficiencies (basic/advanced/expert)

This is changing. The new 4 things are:

  1) ** The weapon speed factor **
  2) The weapon quality
  3) Your relevant stat (con/str/dex)
  4) Your proficiencies (basic/advanced/expert)

What is the weapon speed factor? It's a number calculated by the 
weapon's max damage (or can be set by a builder). IN ALMOST ALL 
CASES, this will be 1 less than the max damage of a weapon.

What used to be a 14kg/15 maxdam weapon will now be a 14speed factor/
15 maxdam weapon (the weapon may or may not still be 14Kg). Weight 
is gone from the calculation and has been replaced with speed factor. 
In reality, you will likely not notice unless you're using a sastram 
or other weapons that are currently Weight = Max Damage. They're going 
to get automatically converted to speed factor = Max Damage - 1. 
(The sastram will be 14sf/15maxdam, for example.)

What you can expect is lighter weapons down the line and your own 
weapons may change weight as areas are updated.

You can expect areas to get updated over the next year. This is not 
a fast process. Between this and the material types update (see below), 
there's about 500-600 hours worth of work to convert everything
throughout the game.


Previously, only ARMOR item types could have material types. I fixed 
that. Now everything can have material types and like with weight, 
changes builders make will be applied to items already in your 

CURRENTLY ONLY THE limbo ITEMS HAVE CHANGED. This means a very small 
subset. Everything else will still identify as being of 'MISC' or 
miscellaneous material. 

As with the weight changes, this is not a fast process and areas will 
be gradually converted over the next year or so.

Also note that in the short term, many things that reference material 
types (such as repair and mend) will still require a certain subset 
of items. Not all CLOTH things will be able to be used for mend or 
tailor and so on. Those are changes that will come in time as it's 
pointless to update tradeskills at the moment.

The new rogue skills are getting close. We may do a soft rollout 
and some live testing... soon.