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From: Rufus         Title: Code Update 7/30/2019                    
Appends: 1          Posted On: Tuesday, July 30 2019, 08:35PM
Bug fixes:

 * commas in a description no longer send the petition command into 
 * Long descriptions will be set by petition accept again
 * Remorting will retain your hp/mana/mv from eras. People coming into 
   the game who have remorted previously will get these numbers when 
   you log in.
 * Completed journal quests should now show completed after you've 
   logged off and logged back on.
 * You can no longer reload from a monetized quiver
 * Wear off messages sent to casters are no longer duplicated
 * Regen gets much slower when you're fighting. Sorry high level 
   characters, but you're the splash damage for us fixing 50 round 
   epic sheep battles for the under level 5 crowd.

"Bug" fixes:
 * Entrance will once again set an entrance timer if the target is 
   already entranced.
   Please note that along with guns, I'm taking a good long look at 
   bards and being able to lock down a mob for free for basically ever
   is probably not something that's going to stick around for the long
   haul... But that's all in the future

 * Resurrection now costs 250 mana regardless of where or how you 
   cast it. There is also no longer a stun component to resurrection.
 * Stunned and dancing now regen slower than standing.

Append 1 of 1 from Rufus  on Tuesday, July 30 2019, 08:36PM
RE: Rufus          Title: Code Update 7/30/2019                    
should say "petition apply"