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From: Rufus         Title: Code Update 8/26                         
Appends: 2          Posted On: Sunday, August 26 2018, 08:18PM
- Increased the success rate on Feint
- Decreased the critical fail rate on Feint
- Feint's debuff duration has been doubled
- Mobs no longer get 'blindfighting' by default
- AC debuff spells now have a 20 pt ac debuff instead of 10
- You can fix secondary attack and weapons with the repair skill 
- Some mobs will have better AC, especially those in the run areas
- The regen changes will be made live

A note about this update:

A number of variables surrounding the hit table and how melee hits 
are determined have moved to a run-time configuration. 

Though this was a pretty safe set of changes, as we've seen with 
throw, I'm amply capable of screwing things up to a really, really 
amazing degree.

So be on the lookout. The numbers look right, but ya never know.

That being said, with the note about AC on mobs above, you will 
sometimes miss a bit more often. Feint, cause and create debuffs, 
blindness, mark target and limn can be used to mitigate quite a bit 
of AC now ... :)

Append 1 of 2 from Rufus  on Sunday, August 26 2018, 08:20PM
RE: Rufus          Title: Code Update 8/26                         
- Item size and held objects is now a lot more consistent

Append 2 of 2 from Rufus  on Sunday, August 26 2018, 08:36PM
RE: Rufus          Title: Code Update 8/26                         

So I turned the artificial mob ac limit on. As I was stat'ing a few 
mobs around the mud to get a bit of insight, I realize there were 
a few that weren't prepared for such a radical shift.

So nothing new in terms of hitting potential from players. All the mob 
ACs have returned to normal