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From: Rufus         Title: Code Update 8/28                         
Appends: 1          Posted On: Tuesday, August 28 2018, 06:51PM
- Evasion actually removes the rage affect
- Evasion sets damcap to 30 instead of 20
- Some cleanup work on how helpfiles interact with herblore. Keep an 
  eye out as I've probably broken help in some fundamental way.
- wear all.<keyword> and remove all.<keyword> now work
- There is a hard AC cap at -250. After that armor doesn't provide 
  any more benefit. (to the 5 characters or so this affects, 
  I'm sorry!) 
- Items that are flagged as REPAIR but aren't made of metal can be 
  repaired again
- You can retreat while you're standing again (oops)

- Spirit of St. Denis is now undead
- 'deadly plague' spellbook in hell will work now (you will need 
  to acquire a new copy)
Append 1 of 1 from Rufus  on Wednesday, August 29 2018, 07:58AM
RE: Rufus          Title: Code Update 8/28                         
Innate defense is a bit broken right now... you can't invoke it with the 
'defense' command. 

It's fixed, just waiting for a time to push code.