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From: Rufus         Title: Code and Areas Update Aug 3, 2018        
                    Posted On: Thursday, August 02 2018, 10:15PM


* New Skill: TRIAGE
  Doesn't have a help file yet. It's a group heal for surgeons. 
  There's a discussion board post with gory details. 
  There's a teacher in as well.

* Skills that may show up in all skills but do not yet have teachers:
  Evasive, Assail, Precision Strike
  I'm still testing them.
* The previously mentioned sneak/hide changes are in (and have been)

1) Sneak and Hide success chance perc/dex based with much higher chance of
success by default. At 100/100, 90% chance of success anywhere.

2) Better able to tell when you're own sneak/hide is successful.

3) If you're hiding (using the hide skill, but not spell), and you're
sneaking, you remain hidden for moving (n, s, e, w, u, d and 'enter') as
well as backstab, suckerpunch and blindside. Now as soon as the fight 
starts, you'll lose both sneak and hide, but the skills themselves 
get bonuses from being under sneak and/or hide.

4) If you're hiding or sneaking and the victim can't see you, you gain
bonuses to backstab. These bonuses are even better if you're using the
skills rather than the spells.

* High perception mobs no longer be able to spot hidden and sneaking 
  things like players do. They have a flag for that. You should 
  be able to sneak a few more places now. Modification to areas is 
  ongoing as we re-evaluate which mobs should be seeing sneaky people 
  and which ones shouldn't.


* The vast majority of mobs that do damage to everyone in a room now 
  do so through one function instead of a couple different ones. 
  You should notice no changes hereabouts.

* Shadowlands:
   * Modifications to mobs to reduce the number who can see hidden 
     (and some invis) by default.
   * The demon kings are somewhat harder and are worth more XP.
* Shadowlands 2:
   * Drastically reduced the repop time of SL2.
   * Fixed Balor's Minion's primary attack. He might hit a bit harder 
   * Most mobs in the first section past the statues have weapons. 
     They also gained skills to make those weapons more useful. Also
     they're worth more xp.