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From: Rufus         Title: Code and Areas Update 8/18               
Appends: 1          Posted On: Saturday, August 18 2018, 08:31PM
- A few more areas updated with material types and new weight
- small fix to an issue with Herodotus
- New weight/material code incorporated into Abilene, Heroic Gear, the Moon
  Daggers, and related quest items. Please report any oddities.

Heroic Gear changes:
- Achilles' bronze-headed spear is BRONZE, weighs 1.95kg and remains 10 maxdam.
- Mjolnir is METAL, weighs 9.00kg and is still 20 maxdam.
- A boxing championship belt weighs 1.14kg.
- A Model 1895 Winchester rifle is STEEL and weighs 4.20kg.
- Hideously burnt and scarred feet weigh 1.03kg.
- A bangle inlaid with rubies and emeralds weighs 1.08kg.
- The Legion of Merit weighs 4.99kg.
- An Afrikacorp service cuffband weighs 0.89kg.
- A sharpened demonbone dagger is BONE, weighs 0.75kg, and remains 10 maxdam.

Moon dagger changes:
- Moon daggers are now ALLOY, weigh 0.51kg, are still 9 maxdam and have a speed
  factor of 8.
- All new stats for the mystic's sandals
- A new stat item drops off of a higher-end mob

- The following item have been upgraded
    - megwan's ring
    - tooled leather belt
    - green woodsman's cloak
- Cian, Megwan, Rhys and Donncadd have gotten a bit harder with xp to 
- The elite dunnish warriors are now level 50


- Evasion duration fixed. Again.
- Evasion mv cost scales as you level
- Assail no longer blinds the attacker
- Throw is more accurate for people with lower perception; it is still 
  a 'dex' skill, though (we may modify this later, please let me know 
  how it goes)
- Scan now gives a bonus to throw if the target is in another room
- Mitigation and the Mitigation Cap should never be negative
- Typo fix in meteor

Append 1 of 1 from Rufus  on Saturday, August 18 2018, 08:57PM
RE: Rufus          Title: Code and Areas Update 8/18               
The elite warriors in the dun aren't 50... yet.