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From: Rufus         Title: Code and Areas Update 8/6/2017           
     Appends: 1          Posted On: Sunday, August 06 2017, 11:34PM
* Area changes

  * General
    * Mobs across the mud no longer set, specifically, their experience, 
      they all set it as a percentage of a mob of that level. In reality, 
      few if any mobs will actually change in their exp value due to this.
      Please let us know of anything that's completely out of whack.
    * Teachers added for the new skills
  * There was a bug in the areas code that disallowed some mobs who might 
    have cast spells from casting those spells. A few mobs across the mud 
    may have tricks up their sleeve you didn't see before.
  * Ys 
    * Many typos and small bug fixes

  * SanFran
    * Re-homing to San Francisco will no long break your axioms so that 
      San Fran skills are unlearnable
  * Ancient Britain
    * Moon Dagger quest now gives xp      
  * Carthage
    * The punic lance has been renamed to a 'punic pilum' (see 'charge' 
* General Code Changes
  * Stunned mobs will, the vast majority of their time, wake up from a stun 
    and begin attacking the person they were attacking before they were 
    stunned, regardless of whether or not someone else woke the mob up with
    an attack. This will hopefully increase the viability of stunning type 
    attacks in group situations.

  * Reworks many of the fight skills to use timers aligned with entire fight

  * Allskills and Skills now both support verbose settings. They have also 
    been reworked and should more accurately display where skills are in the 
    (ahem) trees.

  * When you reaffirm your hometown or you rehome a character, you lose your 
    words but you retain the casting levels. This means if you re-learn 
    words, you won't be failing your spells all the time.
  * Courage/Valor/Iron Will are no longer adversely affected by you knowing 
    the Entrance skill
  * Low-level characters (1-5) now have an innately higher chance of fleeing

  * Backstab no longer uses an un-castable spell to track if you your 
    backstab timer wears off of an opponent. This has all been moved to 
    our internal (and more appropriate) timer code. Please let us know if 
    you see anything strange with this. As before, notification that 
    your backstab wore off may not be 100% accurate.
* New fight Skills
  * Riposte 
    Riposte is a passive skill which allows you an attempt to strike back 
    when you parry an attack. 
  * Heroic Rescue
    Heroic Rescue extends the Rescue skill with a couple new options:
      * 'rescue heroic' - leaps the to the fore and rescues your entire party
      * 'rescue heroic keep fighting' - (alias that oneĀ :) ) - leaps to the 
        fore, rescuing your entire party but allows them to keep attacking
    Unlike Rescue, Heroic rescue can fail, though the chance is small.
  * Rally
    Rally is a skill that allows your group to make an additional attack on 
    the target you are all fighting. Multiple people can rally, but people 
    can only be rallied so many times in a short time span. Also note that 
    weapon spell effects can go off during a rally. Rally is more effective
    when performed from a horse.
  * Feint
    Feint is a dexterity skill that can distract your opponent. Most of the 
    time, a feint will make the opponent easier to hit for anyone fighting 
    that opponent, but it can also knock the opponent over or give a free 
    round of attacks to the feinter. A feint can be performed by anyone 
    fighting the opponent, but the person that the opponent is targeting 
    has a higher chance of success. (This changed slightly from my 
  * Charge
    Charge is an initial attack that allows you to use your momentum to 
    make a devastating initial strike. It can carry you across rooms, and 
    if you're mounted, it does even more damage. The base damage is 
    calculated from your weapon. A new type of weapon (a 'lance') may 
    be available in the near future. These weapons completely suck in 
    melee, but they're amazing to charge with. Charge will interact with 
    draw, and will draw a weapon if you have the draw skill, with 100%
    success rate.
  * Bastion
    Bastion is a defensive skill that draws and locks the attention of a 
    mob on the user. If it fails, it imposes a 1-round skill lag, but if 
    it succeeds, its effects last for 3 rounds with a 2-round skill lag. 
    You have a few chances to regain control of the mob's attention. It 
    is more effective the more wary you are. While it's in effect, the 
    chance of the mob turning away from you is very, very slim. Mobs that 
    do their own targeting via special acts may well ignore you in a 
    bastion stance, though most mobs will be subject to its effects.

* Modified Fight Skills
  * Bash
     * 2 round lag on failure, 3 round lag on success
  * Elbow
     * Hits more often
     * Does higher damage, on average
     * Critical failure no longer sets attacker to sitting
  * Topple
     * 2 round lag on failure, 3 round lag on success
     * You can topple an opponent to death
  * Suckerpunch
     * lower stat requirements
     * available at an earlier level
     * increase chance of a critical effect
     * critical hit effects last longer
  * Blindside
     * you can blindside during combat
     * lower stat requirements
     * available at an earlier level

* Various other changes:
  * glowing staff shows a to-room message when it's created
  * critical hits do at least 1 point of damage
  * various internal bug fixes and (nothing player facing) area fixes
  * fixed a crashing bug in room acts
  * fixes a few messages (extra carriage returns, etc)
  * Mounts go through shimmering portal
  * if you type 'prompt help' you'll get the prompt help file, not something 
    that tells you to type 'help prompt'
  * Healing Balm and Vengeance show in 'allspells'
  * vicious backstab use timer name changed to Vicious Backstab Active
  * fixed a crash where items inside items inside items might cause 
    the mud to not be operational any more

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     RE: Rufus          Title: Code and Areas Update 8/6/2017           
Uh, I changed feint's description above to be 'easier' not 'harder' to hit