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From: Rufus         Title: Code update 8/24                         
Appends: 1          Posted On: Friday, August 24 2018, 09:17PM

- Innate defense is now an active command. The command 'defense' 
  toggles it on and off. While it's active, it will work as it had 
  previously. Once activated it will last for 3 hours without having 
  to reactivate it.


- Currently, regeneration is based on the same stat that defines how 
  many hit points, how much move or mana you have. It's the sort of  
  'double dipping' we've been trying to remove from the code. So we're 
  going to TRY (and I emphasize TRY) something:
  1) If you currently have 100 in your regen stat (dex, con or mind),
     Your regen won't change
  2) If you currently have 104 or 105, your regen will stay the same 
     as it is currently (slightly better than 100)
  3) If you currently have below 100, your regen rates will increase 
     to match those with 100 in the stat.

  Basically the design is that your stat determines the amount of X 
  you have, and the regen of X is a constant.
  Again, I emphasize we're going to TRY this. We'll see how it goes.
  As an aside, mv regen, which was slightly faster than mana or hp 
  regen, will be moved in-line with the other two.
  Another note: This does not affect HP, MANA or MOVE REGENERATION 
  items. Those stay the same (except see note in 'other changes' 
  below) and those were already static (3 times / tick).   


- Increased chance of mark target hitting. It should be just over 90% 
  of the time at 100 perception.
- Vanish no longer has a mind requirement. Increased the dex 
- Added a wear-off message to deadly precision.
- Assail costs mv. It scales with level.
- Reduced assail damage by about 10%
- Deadly precision costs 12 mv every time it goes off
- You can now sneak when hiding as well as hide while sneaking.
- If you're over level 10 and you have low move (determined by your 
  level), you will do less damage. This goes for everyone, not just 
  for the new rogue archetypes.
- Maximum hp/mana/mv regen stat from items at level 50 is 20 rather 
  than 15. It scales across levels as it did before.
- Both "stones" spells give 1 point of mv regen now
- Stones spells will renew duration properly (reality: there's 
  nothing that should really change here)

Append 1 of 1 from Rufus  on Saturday, August 25 2018, 03:28PM
RE: Rufus          Title: Code update 8/24                         
Okay... to clear up a couple misconceptions:

1) I reverted us to the old regen system. There was a bug in the new one that 
will be pushed soon. However, movement regeneration is slower.

2) We didn't reduce the efficacy of throw. I messed it up for a while 
(badly) but it's been put back together. Throw has always had a very 
strange random component to it and I minimized it. According to the 
logs, it's actually hitting way more often than it used to. Please 
keep submitting feedback, but I'm not seeing it on the code end of