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Currency, defined by builders as something used to purchase goods of any sort,
is not safe in housing, as it is considered UNOWNED and able to be picked up
by those who are not befriended. This includes currency dropped on the floor,
placed in bags then dropped, or placed in furniture containers. There is also
the risk that, due to the fact that currency is unowned, it may be lost during
crashes. Any currency lost due to being left in housing will not be reimbursed
from here on forward.

Because of this, the immortal team strongly encourages you to carry your
various currencies on your person. They are 0 rent and 0 weight. Items
included, but not limited to, are: MAGIC MARBLES, DOLLARS, DINARI, PALE COINS,

COINS still have weight behind them. Apologies for the previous post which
stated that they did not; that was incredibly incorrect. It was late and the
immortal staff were tired.

Thank you.