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Druid Update Phase 1

First a reminder that we'll be phasing the druid update in rather than 
dumping huge amounts of code at once. Poultice, flavor, foul, mix, etc
are not being touched in this initial deployment of the druid refresh.

* All herbs (with exception of Betony) will rent for 15 rent
  When you rent in, most if not all herbs should automatically 
  update to the latest rent cost
* all new brewed potions will rent for 250 rent - all existing potions 
  as well as potions you can buy will remain at their cost determined 
  by the builder(s)

Brew's basically been rewritten. It's success/fail rate is still the 
same, the messages are basically the same, the mana cost is the same, 
but everything else, including the potion names, is different. 

The potions no longer have a short description like:

 'a vial containing a green liquid' 
but say instead:

 'a vial containing green liquid' 

(Ed: Woaaaah, huge change, Rufus...)

Each type of potion is now unique which means they'll stack in shops 
for sale under the 'all' designation. They will not stack with potions 
created before this change.

Potions are now 250 rent vs 500 before.

All of the herbs that previously made potions will make basically 
identical potions that they make now, including duration of effects 
and such. Pink potions, however, now do a cure serious rather than 
a cure light spell.

* Elderberries potion, which has always done 'Protection from Evil' 
  will now actually do what it says and for everyone (even evil people 
  need protection from other evil people!)
* Angelica brews a resist poison which both cures any poison and 
  provides a buff that helps reduce duration and/or damage of future

* Aloe will now make the cure blind potion

* Rosemary now brews a potion that increases both perception and 
  accuracy with ranged weapons (guns/bows/thrown)
* bloodroot brews a potion that staunches bleeding and removes 
  any bloodloss effects
* Santolina brews a potion that increases perception and increases 
  the perception stat cap (if you already have 105 perception, 
  you'll have 110 perception after quaffing this potion)

* Lavender brews a potion that gives you a spiritual epiphany, 
  increasing both spirit and the spirit stat cap. This and the 
  effect from Santolina do not stack, but will stack with the 
  mage-cast +stat spells

* Ginseng root brews a potion that increases mind and mana 
  regeneration and reduces the chance to fail spellcasting, brewing 
  and powdering
* Many of the newer potions will have longer durations than 
  the older brews that mainly duplicate castable spells

Powder is a new skill that creates a powder (really?) from an herb. 
Any herb that can be brewed can also be powdered. Though it costs 
more mana, and takes slightly longer in terms of lag, powder shares 
the success chance of brew. The resultant powder is smaller and 
lower rent (150 vs 250) than a potion, so small that they can 
even be tucked into a DERT bag or other herb-friendly bag. 

Once a powder is made, it must be reconstituted into a potion before 
use. Reconstituting a powder requires the powder, a liquid (a drink 
container or fountain) and a vial. You use the RECONSTITUTE command 
to reconstitute the potion:

RECONSTITUTE <powder> <water source>

(Ed: the vial must be in inventory)

Reconstituting a powder is 100% successful, imposes a bit of skill 
lag but requires no special skills and can be performed by anyone.

There's a teacher for powder. This is a teacher that teaches a 
druidic skill. There's your clue.

That's about all of for DRUID UPDATE Part 1... stay tuned...


* Fixed 5 crashing bugs
* Scan is more successful. In fact, if you have 60 perception, you 
  can expect it to be nearly 100% effective and additional perception
  doesn't help. There are always small chances of failure depending 
  on whether a target is hidden, or if the weather conditions are 
  bad enough.
* If you have the SCAN skill, you can 'consider <mob> <direction>' 
  and consider a mob in an adjacent room. You can also do this with 
  JUDGE. You cannot do it with anatomy.
* Level restrictions are lifted on Pirate's Den, Shadowlands and 
  SL2. These are the hard requirements that disallow entry. Mobs 
  may treat lower-level characters differently, in some cases.
* Help updates: Help playershops! Updated Help for London!
* Maps that can't be changed will no longer tell you their not maps
  even though they are maps
* More logging to hopefully track down more latency issues!
* You can now level directly to fifty by typing the level50 
  command at any time.  
* I'm totally, totally lying about the last one. 

* There's a new stat item in the Ancient Seas
* Pygmalion might be a titch tougher
* The Black Horseshoe in Shadowlands is slightly higher rent
  and has been templated
* Hell: torn and worn boots are slightly higher rent and templated
* New herbs are available: Thuja, Bloodroot, Santolina and Lavender
  They might not all be implemented yet

Append 1 of 2 from Rufus  on Sunday, November 12 2017, 06:12PM
     RE: Rufus          Title: Druid Changes Phase 1 (and other updates)
If you're a druid, you might notice you now know the 'make oil' skill. You 
do if you had previously learned the foul skill. 

Knowing 'flavor' now gives you access to both 'flavor' and 'foul' 
and 'foul' was swapped out for the new skill.

But... you won't be able to do anything with it .

Also, the alignment restrictions are gone from flavor, foul and 

ppend 2 of 2 from Rufus  on Sunday, November 12 2017, 06:14PM
     RE: Rufus          Title: Druid Changes Phase 1 (and other updates)
Also, I was wrong... old herbs will not have the new rent. 

Apologies. All newly acquired herbs will.