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As we've been updating Legends code and skills to increase character diversity
in the game, the immortal community (after much discussion with each other and
the Legend community) thought it was time to update the equipment offerings.
You saw the first of it with Lamia's general update, bringing old items up to
modern standards. This is one of the next steps.

Heroic Items are the first (hint) new item category we're announcing. There
will be a few rules attached to them but the upshot is that these items will
be 6 NET stat, bonded, magical ac and the kicker, not repairable by any means.
The rent will also be very competitive with current gear.

In addition, there will only be one heroic item per area (some areas will not
have any to start). They will also require a hefty payment in experience
points, which is a new feature. They may, or may not, require a quest or
additional gold (this will generally be up to the builder). These will be

Finally, when we do implement the first round of Heroic Equipment and anytime
we add future heroic equipment we will publicly announce it, post the stats
and maybe even give you an idea of how to go about finding it (or at least say
what area it is in!).

Per usual recently, tweaks may be in the offing once we start to get a handle
on the in game effects.

This is something we're excited about and hope you are too.