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( 4) From: Mertjai       Title: Heroic Gear Updates                      
                         Posted On: Wednesday, February 28 2018, 04:37PM
We've adjusted the specs for Heroic gear and are templating in some changes.
The spec changes have lowered the rent on all the gear (except one piece
explained at the bottom).

List of Heroic gear and new rent.
* Achilles' bronze-headed spear: 4679
* Mjolnir: 5616
* Model 1895 Winchester rifle: 4406
* Hideously burnt and scarred feet: 1118
* Bangle inlaid with rubies and emeralds: 2408

And finally, the item that did not go down in rent:
* Boxing championship belt: 1729

The material on the belt was changed to alloy, this allowed for us to nearly
double the durability (just under double the durability!).