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From: Rufus         Title: Incoming Code Update                     
     Appends: 1          Posted On: Saturday, October 21 2017, 06:17PM
* Deposit will show your statement after depositing (this was already in, 
  now documented here)

* Removed code that differentiated effect of hitroll gained from items vs 
  hitroll gained from stats. 1 hitroll is 1 hitroll regardless of where 
  it comes from.

  Do note however that there an effective hitroll cap of 27 on hitroll 
  gained from items. There has been no change to that part of the code.

* You can now auction marked maps. 

* Minimum auction price for items is now 1,000gp, 1,500 for Scrolls and 
  Potions, and 2000 for Maps (marked or unmarked).

* The 'consider' command is slightly more useful for level 50 characters. 
  Based on the mob's Virtual Level (which goes up to 60 currently), you'll 
  get a consider message that is appropriate. Consider remains a level 
  comparison only, however, not taking into account fight skills and acts 
  and other abilities which are more prevalent on higher level mobs.

* You can now throw potions from adjacent rooms.

* There are no more No-shoot or No-throw mobs. All of the mobs that you 
  previously could not throw or shoot can be thrown or shot from the same 
  room, not just adjacent rooms.

  Exits can still be flagged NO_SHOOT and you cannot shoot through those 
  exits. When comfortable snuggled up to the mob in a room, shoot away.
Area Updates:

* Shadowlands 2 has received a small update
    1) Ba'lor and Carman are slightly more difficult. 
    2) Bane of Dagda doesn't take kindly to entrance and now reacts to 
       cowards who flee from him. He's also significantly more aggressive.
    3) For the most part, random drops are gone. All of the items from the 
       three demons will drop on a run. For Ba'lor's items and Carman's 
       items, some of the items have been moved to other mobs. A full run 
       of SL2 should gaurantee one drop of each stat item in the area.

* Repop time across the board in Ancient India and Ancient Ireland

* The Moon Dagger quest now has a second phase

Appends: ( 1) From Rufus on Saturday, October 21 2017, 06:22PM

( 4) Append 1 of 1 from Rufus  on Saturday, October 21 2017, 06:22PM
     RE: Rufus          Title: Incoming Code Update                     
Should say:
* Repop time REDUCED across the board in Ancient India and Ancient Ireland