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What is the Legendary Times?

The LT is the LegendMUD weekly newsletter. It's the best way to keep
current on all things Legend-related, from trivia contests to rp sagas
to code updates.

Why should you subscribe the the Legendary Times?

Some of the information you want is only found in the LT.
Player-written articles are a particularly enjoyable and informative
part of each LT. Past issues have included player-written articles on
using mudclients in Legend, tips for new players (and how to help new
players), interviews with mud personalities, and biographical notes. If
you missed a big RP event and want to know what happened, the LT is the
place to look.

Want to know where Amethyst got that Purple People Eater? It's in the LT.

Wonder about the latest in the saga of Abigail and Crowe? It's in the

In-depth information from immortals, particularly discussing upcoming
changes and events, is frequently only found in the LT. Past issues
have included special feature articles on skill trees, information on
the fight system, and a description of the way that rent is
calculated. Each week the newsletter includes notes from all the
immortal departments, as well as an editorial written by Kaige, the
current editor of the LT.

Wonder where the mud is going? It's in the LT.

Wonder what those immortals do all the time? It's in the LT.

Just wonder what are these trivia games everyone's talking about? It's
in the LT.

Furthermore, since the LT is the only way we have to reach players
outside of the actual mud, we use the list to let you know what's going
on, for example if the mud is down.

How can you subscribe to the LT?

It's easy! At the second menu (the one where you usually hit 1 to play,
or 0 to leave, after logging in), just hit 4. Then, type SUBSCRIBE
[email protected] -- Then, hit
return to enter the information, and
hit return again to go back to the menu.

Subscribe to the Legendary Times today!