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From: Rufus         Title: Mana Reduction 'Cap'                     
                    Posted On: Wednesday, March 13 2019, 09:11AM
So there've been some questions lately about how the mana reduction 
cap works. 

The mana reduction cap is 50.

If you have arcane mastery, you get 25 mana reduction innately. 
That counts towards the cap so you need only acquire an additional 
25 mana reduction from equipment to hit the cap.

You can have more than that, it will show in attributes, but it will 
never use more than 50 mana reduction.

The innate mana reduction from arcane mastery doesn't show in 
attributes because it's conditional on not only having arcane mastery, 
but being in state to use it. So if you have arcane mastery but you 
are attacking with a wielded weapon, the 25 innate mana reduction 
doesn't apply.

So let's say you have arcane mastery and 37 mana reduction. You 
aren't attacking, and just throwing out spells. You have 62 mana 
reduction at that point, but it caps at, effectively, 50. If you 
turn on auto-attack, your mana reduction is now 37 as the 25 from 
arcane mastery no longer applies.

Someone without arcane mastery can hit the cap of 50 mana reduction, 
they just must do it entirely through gear.