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From: Emrysia       Title: New Area: Medieval Flanders              
                    Posted On: Saturday, October 26 2019, 09:54PM
In the fifteenth and sixteenth century, Flanders was an influential trading 
and cultural center, rivalling that of Northern Italy. The trading towns of 
Ghent, Bruges and Ypres became some of the richest and most urbanized parts 
of Europe. Art and architecture flourished, producing painters such as Van 
Eycke, van Dyck, Memling and Reubens, all renowned artist of the Flemish 
School. For over 250 years, Flanders was at the forefront of the finest art 
in Western Europe. Today, when we think of Flanders we associate it strongly 
with this point in history.

Explore the city of Bruges, a place of art, romance and chivalry. 

The area is aimed at levelling from levels 30-40 but there are
things to do no matter what your level. Stop by and check it out.