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From: Lamia         Title: New Feature: Visited              
                    Posted On: Tuesday, July 23 2019, 07:16PM
Legend can now track which rooms you've visted and show you a percentage 
of those rooms that are available to visit.

The command?


So, you get zero credit for being here for 20 years. We weren't tracking 
this up until now. Everyone starts at 0.

If you look on 'exits', every room you have not yet been to will show 
as unexplored.

A couple of notes - This doesn't apply to OOC rooms or housing. These 
will never show an 'unexplored' indicator in exits. 

If there are serious bugs with the system, we'll simply delete these 
files that track this information and start again.

For now this information is only available via the VISITED command. We 
may eventually add this to prompt and score.

Also until the builders are able to change map rooms and other 
rooms that can't normally be accessed, achieving 100% is currently 
impossible (99.999 probably is).


You gain exp for every room you've not been to. Though this levels off 
in terms of how much you get by level 30 (a level 50 gains the same xp 
per room as a level 30 would), you can theoretically gain about 7-10 
levels worth of exploring the mud. The old explore systems and explore 
rooms remain. This is system on top of that one.