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From: Lamia         Title: New Regeneration System           
                    Posted On: Tuesday, July 23 2019, 07:16PM
The design doc is implemented... if you haven't seen it, it's floating 
around on the Discord forum.

In summary:

  * Overall, regeneration, especially hit point regeneration, has 
    been bumped up, especially for lower levels
  * Regeneration is no longer nearly as stat-based. For extremely
    high stats, you get a small bump in how fast you can regenerate
  * You can regenerate hit points during normal regen even if you 
    are starving, parched, bleeding, poisoned, etc. HOWEVER,
    these conditions pose a cumulative penalty to how fast you 
  * Move regeneration in certain situations is slower than it was
  * Sitting around, even if you have standing regen, can have a couple 
    of benefits still, especially regarding movement
  * Standing Regen 1 and Standing Regen 2 can benefit both casters 
    and non-casters
  * Root is probably stronger now than it ever has been and really 
    drives home 'the longer you root, the faster you regen'
  * Iron will (courage/valor) healing has been completely reworked 
    from the ground up
  * This doesn't affect +Mana Regen, +HP Regen +Move Regen equipment
  * THE CODE IS WAY EASIER TO READ AND ADJUST (the big reason, fwiw)