Welcome Board Archive - Next Code Update(5/21/18)

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( 4) From: Rufus         Title: Next Code Update                         
                         Posted On: Monday, May 21 2018, 11:20AM
Bugs Fixed:

* The 'WIZLOCK' message to people trying to log in while the mud 
  is rebooting is a little bit more evident

* You can no longer gain mana by trying to trueform something that 
  isn't there

* The 'attributes' interface has been reworked into a multiple 
  column view

* you will also notice that there are 'saving throws' now in the 
  abilities display. Fear not, they're implemented but turned off 
  right now. If you have anything that's not a '0' let me know via 
  the bug channel.

* Spells will no longer 'bounce' using the old formula. Spells will 
  only bounce ("fully resisted") via the new saving throws. Which are

  currently turned off. So there shouldn't be any bouncing until 
  they are fully spec'd, and mobs start adding them to their stat