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From: Rufus         Title: Other Code/Area Updates                  
                         Posted On: Thursday, October 26 2017, 07:32PM
Other Updates:


* Object damroll is fixed as hitroll was an update or so ago -- 
  a point of damroll from an object is equivalent to a point of 
  damroll gained by any other means (stats, spells, etc)
* We believe we've squashed one of the more difficult-to-track-down 
  crashing bugs with telnet session negotiation when a client wasn't 
  playing particularly nicely.

* An ancient bug in the ability for mobs to detect whether someone was 
  hunting or not (including themselves) got fixed. This may mean you'll 
  see some mobs who behave differently than they used to. 

* Guest code has been completely removed functionally.


* Modifications to the following items: a jewelled ring (PD), 
  an ornate headdress of shells (dreamtime)
* Ys: typo fixes