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From: Cap           Title: Potential Heroic Gun Change              
                    Posted On: Tuesday, January 08 2019, 02:00PM
Back when I built the initial roll out of heroic gear I made a newbie mistake
by missing out a vital part of the rent calculation on the Model 1985 Winchester

The problem is that it is just way TOO good, making all other guns and bows in
the game rubbish in comparison. It also makes it impossible for any future heroic
guns or bows to compete on a level playing field.

I have reached out to almost all characters who have this gun, or who were about
to get it. It was a massive mistake on my part and I did not want to 'screw'
anyone over by upping the rent without warning. 

So for the rest of you, consider this fair warning: it is likely that we will 
be upping the rent cost from 4406 to 6152 (a total of 1746). A detailed post of 
the updated stats (which remain relatively unchanged) will be posted on the 
welcome should this change be made.

Thankfully, the majority of characters who use this gun tend to run with less
than max rent and can absorb this additional cost. It is not ideal but I hope
I have explained why it is important.

Yours apologetically,