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Note: Redeem was later changed yet again.

From: Imps          Title: Redemption Changes                       
                         Posted On: Friday, September 22 2017, 03:57PM
After reviewing the abundance of strings in the game currently, we have
decided to make a change to the amount of coupons awarded for redemption

The new Redemption point schedule is as follows:

a) [1 pt ]  an RP coupon
b) [1 pt ]  2 add-a-color coupons
c) [1 pt ]  2 mundane string coupons
d) [1 pt ]  an add-a-color coupon and a mundane string coupon
e) [1 pt ]  change an existing pretitle
f) [1 pt ]  remove an existing pretitle
g) [1 pt ]  [PK-disable]
h) [2 pts]  a single-color RP coupon and an RP coupon
i) [3 pts]  a multi-color RP coupon, a single-color RP coupon, and an
RP coupon
j) [3 pts]  [acquire a new pretitle]

As you can see, we've removed the 5 token redemption along with generally
lowering the number of coupons awarded for each level. Our reasoning was
that there are just so many coupons in the game right now and XP is overall
easier to come by than it used to be.

Fun stat: currently there are 316 non-color, 172 single-color, 81 mult-color
and 98 add-a-color coupons in the game. This doesn't include any that may be
hiding in pfiles that aren't logged on!

Thank you for reading and although we know this isn't fun news, we think it's
an important change to protect the MUD economy, such as it is.