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( 8) From: Rufus         Title: Rogue skills playtest                    
     Appends: 1          Posted On: Monday, August 13 2018, 11:26AM

I need to playtest the new rogue skills and how they play from level 1
to 50. 

Instead of trying to emulate this on a test mud, we're going to try 
enlisting players to playtest this on the main mud.

I would like 2-3 volunteers to play a character with these skills from 
level 1 to 50. If there are more volunteers than that, I'll choose 
them using a randomizer.

Here's the fine print:

1) At the end of the testing period, one of two things will happen 
   at my discretion:
    a) the character you have leveled up will be deleted
    b) the character you have leveled up will be stripped of all skills 
       and forced to re-learn everything.

2) The teachers will not be in the game. You will ask an immort to 
   set the proper skills on you at the proper time (all normal skills 
   will need to be learned as normal, but see #1 above).

3) You may be asked to re-start the character during this testing time.
Other than that, there aren't many rules. You can get power-leveled, 
you can play solo up to 50 (remember, this is an archetype that gets 
more powerful in a group setting, though). 

You'll want, of course, this entire rogue tree (there's that word 
again in relation to skills) and retreat but other than that, you can 
learn any skills which would not prevent you from learning the new 
rogue skills. The new 'query full' command will come in handy when it 
goes live.

NO PKE (but you may duel).

If you're interested in trying this out ahead of time while adhering 
to the above stipulations, send mudmail to [email protected]

( 9) From: Rufus         Title: Rogue Playtest is LIVE!                  
                         Posted On: Friday, August 17 2018, 12:19PM
The first 3 have been chosen. There were 6 total. 

If you applied and didn't get selected in the first pass, your turn will be 
late next week. Watch for a mudmail on the char that mudmailed me.


(18) From: Rufus         Title: Rogue Stuff!                             
                         Posted On: Wednesday, September 05 2018, 10:09AM
Good news...

You get to keep your characters!

You do not get to keep your skills.

When the teachers are ready and we push those to live, I will be 
removing your skills... all of them. The mud will adjust the number 
of practices you have when you re-enter the game but you'll need 
to go and re-learn all of your skills.

Thanks again for your help.